Care & Training of Rabbits: (Magicians View)

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Care of Rabbits:   





Bathing A Rabbit   (Magicians View)


Here is before the bath of Rabbit


After the Bath:




Rabbits Eat Their Poop   (Magicians View)



Some helpful suggestions:


  • What we have used to clean our rabbits during bathing is normal shampoo and condition that we use on our bodies.  However, you may want to see how this affects the rabbitShedding is a normal process that a rabbit goes through.  So, you will be washing off not only dirt/bacteria/and shed hair.


  • They will lick themselves for quite a while afterwards


  • A rabbit may also fan themselves by moving their front legs up and down very fast


  • Make sure they have plenty of water to drink afterwards so they can replenish what they have licked themselves with


  • We have typically bathed our rabbits once per week, or as needed preparing for a show.


  • When preparing for a show, typically I would give a bath the day before.  This helps ensure that his coat and fir are nice and soft.  They just have a better appearance and smell.



Rabbits Eat Their Poop  (Magicians View)





There are lots of books, webpages, etc. out there that teach on the care and training of rabbits.  It my searches though, I have never seen anything from a magicians point of view.  In fact, there are countless books, vides, etc. on the use of Doves in a magicians act.  However, I hope to just shed some light and give you some ideas as you consider possibly adding a rabbit to your show or magic act.

Some basic questions that I would start with are:

1. Do you have a place just for the rabbit?   Your rabbit needs space to get exercise and play.  

2. Do you have a cage or something to keep the rabbit in?  I suggest buying something that has a separate place for them to sleep and eat, and go to the bathroom.  When a rabbit sleeps, eats, and goes to the bathroom all in one spot, it tends to get messy really soon.  So, we suggest some type of cage with some room to stretch out, as well as separate area to go to the bathroom.

3. Are you prepared to buy food, supplements, or toys?  Rabbits can be fed many things, but we prefer vegetables.  When rabbits live outdoors, they eat on seeds, grains. fruits, vegegtables, etc..  So, we have usually fed our rabbits kale, carrots, but also supplement with hay and grains.  This can be costly though, so think about this before you buy a rabbit.  There are some things that a rabbit shouldnt eat or be fed, so do your research first. Rabbits also like to chew on things.  So, we suggest buying some chew toys from a pet store.  Don't leave things with wires like a computer laying around because rabbits will chew on the wires and other things.

4. Finally, do you have the time to take care of a rabbit?  If you are going to be performing with the rabbit, then make sure you spend time with the rabbit.  Make sure you let them run around, play, and get exercise.  This will help them in so many ways.  Rabbits are relational, so they want to be around their caregiver and provider.




 Notice:  At Virtual Event Entertainment, we are not liable for care that you give your own animals.  These instructional videos are a represenation of the general cleaning and care of a live rabbit for the purpose of entertaining or as a pet.  For specific care, sickness, injuries, or diseases please consult your local animal care doctor/clinic/vet.


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