Magic Show: Daycares, Birthday Parties, Other Events

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VEE-Physical 40 Minute
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Product Description

Its A Great Time For a Magic Show

This Promo Video Is Virtual For Restaurant Customers. They Are Muted, But Participating By Holding Up Fingers:



        Randy Performs 3 Cup Monte




          Virtual Kids Show




           StarChild Academy Testimony


Parent Testimony Windy Ridge Elementary




        Kids Show Promo



Stage Show Example.....Additional fees for this type of show.





What Do You Get:


*    A professional sound system

*    Musical routines using "Harry Potter" and other themes 

*    Colorful tricks like Money produced out of the air, silks and rings changing colors

*    Things dis-appearing

*    Fun, Interactive, and Amazing.

*   A "Live Rabbit" production


To Book, add this package to the cart, answer the questions on the form to help us better understand your event and technology needs, and make payment.   For a Virtual Show, simply choose the Virtual Option.  For a regular physical show (meaning the magician comes to YOU), please choose that Option.


*    You will be sent an email confirmation that payment has been made.


*    If this is a Virtual show, an email confirmation, you will receive a Zoom link (If you dont have Zoom on your home computer, go to and download.) The Zoom link will be to a Zoom Room with a password.


*    If this is a Virtual Show, We will contact you prior to the performance to make sure we can get connected and everything set up with you for the big day!


*    For a Virtual Show, the day of the performance, we will make connection with you 15 minutes prior to the show time you asked for in your selection questions.


*    For a regular (magician comes to YOU) show, we will confirm the week prior to your performance and within 24 hours of the performance time.


Next, enjoy a great magical peformance....


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