Virtual Balloon Party (1 Hour, For 10 Children / Adults) (Includes Supplies)

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Have A 1 Hour Virtual Balloon Party (Including Supplies)


See a "Live Balloon Class" Promo Video



Why not have a "Virtual" balloon party?   How would that work?


  • You would provide us information upon purchase that will help us determine the needs for your event


  • You would receive an email confirmation of your purchase with a Zoom link to connect the date of the event


  • Based on the number that your provide, we would send you individual bags of balloons (sandwhich style baggie pictured) and pump for each person with online instructions as well as that will be taught by the balloon twister the date of the event


  • On the date of the event, we will connect with you via Zoom (15 Minutes) prior to the event to make sure that your all set with everything


  • At the time of the event, your group would gather around the screens on Zoom and learn from the balloon instructor.  The instructor will teach as many shapes as they can in 1 hour and go slow enough that everyone learns.


  • You will receive 10 links via email for 10 different shapes to learn.  This will be availabe after the event so that the participants can practice more:

                  ==>  Alien Hat

                  ==>  Penguin

                  ==>  Dolphin

                  ==>  Helicopter

                  ==>  Monkey

                  ==>  Petal Flowers & Bracelets

                  ==>  Toucan

                  ==>  Tiger / Pig


  • NOTE:  Pictures shown may not be the balloons taught by the instructor.  Also note, that a (100ct) bag of Qualatex balloons are shown ONLY as a representation of the quality of balloons used.  Individual sandwhich style bags as shown will be sent.  Each sandwhich bag will contain (25 balloons to practice) along with 5 balloon pumps to be shared.    


  • NOTE:  This package is for 10 kids or people


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