About Us

About Us



Who Are We?

 Our services began with an entertainment company sending artists into restaurants and booking events. As a professional entertainer, for over 20 years, I know what it’s like to have a passion for what you love to do. You also have to be a wise business person and take advantage of the opportunities that cross you path.

With the wave of virtual that is happening around the country, Virtual Event Entertainment is head and shoulders above with a unique concept in the virtual world. The need for entertainment will always be there. What makes us unique is:

  • We sell high quality entertainment products and services
  • We host and stream entertainment events around the country and monetize these for artists and referrals of those events
  • Educate through classes, workshops, and in home opportunities to those who want to learn a new skill set to help them create a business for themselves or just as a new hobby


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Earn By Referring Entertainment Products, Services, or Shows

Monetized Shows & Rewarded Fans

The lineup of entertainment ranges from bands, musicians, comedians, magicians, balloon artists, and much more. Our artists are professionals in their field of artistry We are providing a platform allowing the independent artist to perform, do classes and workshops and monetize their efforts. In addition to this, imagine having a platform where your fab base can be rewarded in a monetary way for referring their friends, family, and social media peeps. The rewards can range from attire, accessories, and even money. That’s a win-win.


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Classes and Products Supporting The Arts

Let’s face it, with more and more online and virtual work being done, the need for providing products and services is a huge market. This platform provides a way to help support the growth of the independent arts and entertainers to a virtual fan base. Products and services may range from magic, balloons, musicians, bands, and a host of other amazing independent artistry fields.


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Where will these services be sold?

Our products and services can be sold to businesses, families for home parties, schools, restaurants corporate sales meetings, conventions, or anything in between. One example would be the host of restaurants that offer large screen TVs or table side video screens for customers to watch entertainment while they are dining in. Imagine producing a video or show that can be streamed to those screens and either paid for by the restaurant or by each customer. The list is endless.